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Couples Addiction Treatment

Couples addiction treatment is often difficult to find when seeking Florida drug rehab. At Safe Haven, we understand that it is possible for loving, committed couples to recover from addiction together. Which is why our couples addiction treatment is here for you. Our trained therapists assist each partner with working on their own addictions. Likewise, they provide emotional support for the couple. Our individual treatment plans take both personal and relationship needs into account. In couples addiction treatment, our goal is to teach both partners to recognize the worry and patterns that lead to addictive behaviors. This is done as individuals and as a couple. As a result, couples can be more mindful and correct the behavior.

Florida Couples Addiction Treatment

Florida Couples Rehab Clients are Housed Together

At Safe Haven Recovery, couples are housed together. We do this so we can address the disease of addiction on both an individual and joint basis. Furthermore, we are proud of our reputation for providing progressive care to couples in addiction. While conventional wisdom suggests couples to get sober separately, we believe by keeping them together is more reality-based. It also gives our therapists any opportunity to see how couples interact together in a semi-mundane environment.

Couples Addiction Treatment Takes Practice

Our Florida couples addiction treatment program addresses all aspects of recovery – physical, psychological and spiritual. Here, we teach partners how to avoid relapse with life skills training. Likewise, we encourage couples to participate as a team in activities. Some of these include;  physical fitness, art therapy, meal planning and music. This helps couples learn to spend their time together without drugs and alcohol. As such, rehab housing together allows a couple to practice the things that need fixing in a supervised environment. Similarly, couples can learn to identify patterns of behavior, and change them prior to returning home. Lastly, it creates an opportunity to help couples grow in sobriety, and strengthen their relationship.

Florida Couples Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Florida Couples Addiction Treatment

  • Recognize the Addiction Problem Together
  • One of the most common reasons couples avoid seeking drug rehab is they are afraid to do it alone. The option of couples drug rehab makes it possible to get well together.  Similarly, if both partners are in addiction, it might stop them from seeking drug rehab since they are used to enabling each other. In fact, according to a study, “Couples in which both spouses use alcohol heavily report higher marital satisfaction than couples in which one spouse uses alcohol heavily and the other does not.”
  • Detox with Support
  • Drug and alcohol detox is a mentally and physically difficult process. As a result, it may take days, even weeks, for withdrawal symptoms to subside.  Because of this, the safety and support of an addiction treatment center can be comforting. Therefore, making it attractive to do as a couple. Couples can gain this education together, which will only strengthen their bond.
  • Couples Addiction Therapy
  • One of the biggest reasons to pursue couples drug rehab is the family therapy that you’ll receive in treatment. Addiction is never just about drug use. There are usually multiple factors that add to the addiction. As an example, committed couples suffering addiction will likely further existing relationship problems. Therefore, couples addiction treatment therapy will help you begin to fix them.
  • A Plan to Move Forward Together
  • A vital part of addiction recovery is having a plan in place for future sobriety once drug rehab has completed. Therefore, it is important to begin creating normal patterns of daily living. When a pair attends Florida couples addiction treatment together, they will learn how to manage their recovery on their own, and together. Also, they’ll learn to recognize their own triggers, as well as those of their partner. In this way, they can learn how to avoid relapse together and how to support one another.

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