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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is the condition of suffering from a mental health disorder and an addiction problem, at the same time. Mental health disorders have symptoms that are unpleasant, and addicts use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate the disorder. Drug and alcohol use offer temporary relief from psychological symptoms. However, it will make the mental health issue worse in the long run. Significant distress in an occupation, relationships, finances and physical health are common in those who have a dual diagnosis. The lack of stability in mood combined with substance abuse makes it almost impossible to gain control of life.

To accurately diagnose and help a dual diagnosis client, substance abuse must be eliminated for a period of time. This allows true psychological symptoms to surface without being tainted by drugs and alcohol. Detoxification in such situations should be monitored and take place within a Florida drug rehab. This enables doctors, nurses and therapists to carefully monitor and assist with physical withdrawal and psychiatric symptoms. Continuing with Florida addiction treatment after detox gives the client time to mood stabilize and learn how to manage symptoms produced by the mental health disorder without using drugs or alcohol.

Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment for addiction

Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Our dual diagnosis treatment is part of our intimate facility program. Physical and psychological assessments are made daily, and each member of our multidisciplinary team participates in the treatment plan for the addict. When the dual diagnosis patient is properly medicated for mental health symptoms, the risk of relapse decreases.

Safe Haven’s doctors can alleviate mental health symptoms and help decrease substance abuse cravings. This gives the client a chance to gain control over the mental health disorder and behaviors related to substance abuse.

Safe Haven’s Dual Diagnosis Program Offers:

  • Medication management
  • Mood stabilization and continued monitoring by doctors
  • Relapse prevention techniques for addiction
  • Education on coping skills for managing mental health disorders
  • Resolution of underlying issues contributing to dual diagnosis
  • Counseling with family or significant others to increase awareness about dual diagnosis

Doctors, therapists and nurses will work with the client, from initial admission to discharge, and an aftercare plan to reduce the risk of re-hospitalizations. 

What are the Benefits of Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dealing with an addiction is always difficult, but those who struggle with more than one issue may find themselves in a uniquely challenging situation. Rehabilitation and recovery from two or more factors, whether that includes drugs, alcohol, prescription medications or a mental illness, requires a custom program. A dual-diagnosis treatment program helps high-risk patients achieve sobriety and break free from their addictions. 

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