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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy in Florida Drug Rehab

During your time in Florida addiction treatment, you will have an hour of mandatory individual therapy with one of our therapists.  Also, if a client feels he or she needs more intensive therapy, they will certainly receive it.

Florida Individual Therapy for Addiction

Our addiction treatment center brings a fresh approach  to the continuum of dual diagnoses services. As such, Safe Haven's unique approach is truly individualized treatment that is customized for chemical dependency, mood disorders, personality disorders and family issues. At the same time, there are multiple levels of care and services available to individuals and families.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Center 

To start, the client works in close collaboration with the therapist. In doing so, a uniquely constructive, confidential and trust-based relationship is established. In this way, counseling sessions will take place in a safe and supportive environment. Furthermore,  the client is free to explore feelings and behaviors that leads to clarity and healing.

Next, therapists will work with clients to identify some of their harmful patterns. Likewise, they will develop some effective tools and strategies for correcting those patterns. Similarly, life skills will be integrated into the client's plan. As a result, client has new tools to maintain sobriety. Ultimately,  one-on-one therapies are meant to empower, inspire and  point the way to freedom from addiction.

Our Florida drug rehab center also includes medication management. In fact, clients are seen daily by our medical staff consisting of nurses, ARNP's and an MD Psychiatrist. Moreover, they will consult with the client and determine their medical needs, whether it is an antidepressant medication, anxiety medication or anti-craving or antagonist medication (ie: Suboxone, Gabapentin, Vivitrol, etc.)

How Individual Therapy Helps

Clients generally find that they feel better about themselves even after only a few session. Specifically, there’s something liberating about talking out your problems, letting your feelings come to the surface and freeing yourself from the past. But, individual counseling is not just for talking. Therapists also teach important life skills and coping mechanisms that will help you manage daily stress. Hence, clients now have actionable tools to succeed in life.

One-on-one addiction counseling

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