Florida Suboxone Maintenance

Florida suboxone maintenance treatment is a form of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Furthermore, MAT combines cognitive-behavioral therapies and medications to aid in the treatment of patients suffering from substance abuse. To illustrate, studies have shown that people who go through opioid detoxification and treatment without the aid of suboxone maintenance treatment drugs suffer a higher incidence of relapse. As a result, our Florida addiction treatment center staff devise plans that include suboxone maintenance treatment, which are designed to stabilize the drug-addicted person. Generally, clients removed from withdrawal are more receptive to further treatment, therapy and recovery.

Eliminating Withdrawals & Cravings

Our Florida addiction treatment medical team will carefully address all the unique issues that our clients are experiencing. In the same way, Florida suboxone maintenance treatment helps bridge the gap by eliminating withdrawal and cravings. Moreover,  these two symptoms can be very dangerous to clients in early recovery. In addition, stabilizing the client allows them to begin working an effective therapy regimen.

Suboxone Saves Lives from Overdose

Florida suboxone maintenance treatment has shown to be an effective tool for some clients to fight addiction. At the same time, It can save lives from overdose due to unknown additives in the heroin. Generally, street supplies of heroin contain fentanyl and other dangerous substances.

Medication Assisted Treatment  is certainly not a “cure” for addiction and is not appropriate for all clients. As such, the extent to which any doctor can help a client with substance use disorders is limited by the medications which are currently approved by the FDA. Namely, Suboxone, Naltrexone and Vivitrol products are what our physicians have to work with in saving lives. Likewise, we always address a client’s individual circumstances, which requires a complete assessment by our highly trained and experienced physician. At this point, they can then properly administer Florida suboxone maintenance treatment, as appropriate. Also, an eligible client must participate in a full therapeutic program that includes individual and group therapy with our licensed therapists.

Why Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication assisted treatment can decrease cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms. In particular, it will help you remain in Florida drug rehab and gain control over your opiate addiction without the distraction of cravings and fear of withdrawal.At the same time, we know that the longer clients stay in treatment, they will recover at higher rates than those that don't. In other words, medication assisted treatment has created a new bridge to long-term sobriety.

Suboxone Maintenance Florida

How Effective Is Florida Suboxone Maintenance Treatment?

Suboxone has been studied extensively since 1978, when it was first proposed for the treatment of opiate addiction. The American Medical Association has presented that buprenorphine (generic name for Suboxone) is effective for:

  • Suppressing symptoms of opioid withdrawal
  • Reducing cravings for opioids
  • Reducing illicit opioid use
  • Blocking the effects of other opioids
  • Helping patients stay in treatment

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