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Florida Addiction Treatment

Addiction doesn't have to be a life sentence, nor a moral failing. It can happen to anyone and with help, people get better. We believe that the first step to recovery from chemical dependency is hope; the hope for a life no longer dictated by alcohol and drugs. Drug abuse can be treated with structured help and we provide all the ingredients. At Safe Haven, we do not believe in hopeless cases. Our philosophy is “you never fail unless you quit trying!”

Addictions Helped by Florida Drug Rehab

Our Florida rehab programs are tailored to each client's unique circumstances. Incorporating the 12-step model, they may include some or all of the following, dependent on the client’s particular needs:

  • A total-wellness focus that includes fitness and alternative stress management techniques.
  • Daily meditation and goal-setting sessions.
  • Daily 12-Step meetings.
  • At least five hours of daily group therapy.
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions and additional sessions as needed.
  • Weekly psychiatric and medical sessions.
  • Gym workouts throughout the week to help clean/detox the body from the residual effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Medication management.

Safe Haven Recovery offers Florida Drug Rehab programs for each important phase of treatment.

Florida Addiction Treatment at Safe Haven Recovery

Symptoms Drug Dependence

  • The primary signs of addiction are:
  • Uncontrollable drug seeking
  • Uncontrollable activity in harmful habit-forming behavior
  • Ignoring or losing interest in activities that don't involve harmful drugs or behavior
  • Relationship problems, which often involve being defensive with people who identify the dependency
  • The inability to stop using a drug, though it may be causing health problems or personal problems, such as issues with jobs, school or relationships
  • Hiding drugs or behaviors and being secretive. For example, by refusing to explain injuries that occurred while being drunk or high
  • Distinct changes in appearance, including a noticeable lack of hygiene
  • Increased risk-taking

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