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Adderall Addiction

Adderall addiction can happen to anyone. Generally, it begins with script from a medical doctor for ADHD treatment. However, it can also be offered by another person who needs to stay awake for work or study. For instance, it has become a huge problem on college campuses across America. Specifically, adderall is prescribed for people who have narcolepsy or ADHD. For example, it helps by producing energetic effects and focus. Notwithstanding, students abuse Adderall in the false hope that it will help them study better and stay awake longer. Additionally, career professionals fall into this trap, thinking the drug helps them work extended hours with better concentration.

What Is Adderall Addiction Treatment?

Adderall is a prescription stimulant with high potential for abuse and addiction. Moreover, adderall causes brain changes that makes stipping difficult. However, through medically supervised detox and therapies in Florida Drug rehab, it is possible to rebuild your life after Adderall addiction.

Similar to opioids, Adderall addiction surged around 2000. By 2006, Americans’ use of the stimulant grew to more than 18 million prescriptions. At the same time, these legal prescriptions often resulted in the illegal transfer to people not prescribed them. Generally, the drug is shared between friends or family, as many see it as harmless. On the contrary, it is very addictive and dangerous when used recreationally. 

The recreational user is likely to get "high." This high keeps the person abusing the drug coming back for more. Soon, addiction sets in and is compelled to seek adderall addiction treatment. Of course, no one intends to become addicted. Usually, the condition creeps in before they realize they have a problem. For this reason, adderall addiction treatment offers medical detox, counseling, education, and support to get clients clean.

Adderall Addiction need Florida Drug Rehab

Spotting Adderall Abuse

Spotting adderall abuse is not as simple as other drugs. For instance, adderall addiction does not show as quickly as other drugs. Also, people abusing adderall become masters at hiding their problem.

Family members and loved ones can help end Adderall abuse by guiding their family member into Adderall addiction treatment. As with many drugs, adderall side effects range from mild to severe. 

Side effects and signs of Adderall abuse include:

  • Sleep problems
  • Abdominal pain and vomiting
  • Lost appetite
  • Anger, aggression, and nervousness
  • Heart attack
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations and seizures

If someone with a drug addiction abruptly stops using their abused substance, they go through withdrawal. Specifically, symptoms of Adderall withdrawal will include cravings, thought of suicide, sleep problems, irritability, intense hunger, depression and panic attacks. During withdrawal, you also experience mood problems, fatigue, and phobias.

As stated, Adderall addiction can be difficult to see. Despite being difficult detection, the adderall threatens your loved one’s life and well-being. Thus, the importance to talk to your loved one about your concerns and discuss options for Adderall addiction treatment.

Adderall Addiction in Florida

Florida Addiction Treatment

Safe Haven Recovery provides detox and inpatient drug rehab for adults. Namely, we provide individualized care for substance abuse recovery. In the same way, we teach independence from drugs and map a road beyond addiction. Substance abuse treatment programs at Safe Haven include:

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