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Prescription Drug Rehab

Florida Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug rehab can be one of the most delicate situations in the world of addiction. For example, avoiding sickness and pain is simply not a possibility and many patients struggle to cope with the dueling forces of pain and addiction. As such, Safe Haven Recovery strives to help each client on their path to drug free pain relief. In fact, managing chronic pain or anxiety without spiraling back into addiction is a very real possibility.

It can begin in the simplest of ways: a stubborn backache or joint pain that won’t go away. After a period of time, it quickly becomes clear that the medicines prescribed to deal with ailments seem almost impossible to live without. Also, it's easy to cross the line from medical treatment into addiction. Furthermore, many individuals go through a process of “physician shopping”, seeking to fill a prescription that no longer has a valid medical purpose. At this point, the individual will now need drug addiction detox and prescription drug rehab.

Prescription drugs may be obtained from friends, from a connection in the healthcare field or, eventually, from a dealer. Typically, valid use of prescription drugs can turn into illicit use before the person may even know it. Hence, the largest reason that heroin addiction has grown so quickly. Essentially, it is an economic reality for those who cannot obtain prescription opiates. At any rate, this is the time to get into prescription drug rehab.

Prescription drug rehab - Substance abuse recovery

Common Prescription Drugs Misused

  • Narcotic Pain Medication (Vicodin, Hydrocodone, OxyContin)
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, Valium)
  • Sleeping Pills (Ambien, Lunesta)
  • Muscle Relaxants (Flexeril, Soma, Zanaflex)

Florida Prescription Drug Treatment

Addiction to prescription opioids can be treated with medications including buprenorphine (Suboxone) and Naltrexone. This is called Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). In other words, these drugs relieve the withdrawal effects of opioids counter the effects of opioids. As a result, these medications help clients avoid relapse. At the same time, these medications are utilized in conjunction with behavioral therapy. Hence, creating the best opportunity for clients to get clean and build long-term sobriety.

Prescription drug abuse

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