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Daily Meditation

At Safe Haven Recovery, we start each day with daily meditation. At the same time, we combine it with psychotherapy so our clients have the tools to take personal responsibility. Moreover, in gaining their own awareness, clients are often motivated to change. For example, addiction turns people to drugs and alcohol to escape from uncomfortable feelings. In daily meditation, they learn to do the opposite. In particular, you sit with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings instead of running away. At first, that can be very unpleasant. But with meditation, you begin each day anew and cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. After some guided practice, the techniques can be applied by clients on an ongoing basis in their lives. Practiced regularly, its effects are transformative and lasting.

Daily Meditation in Florida Drug Rehab

Benefits of Florida Daily Meditation

The World is Calm

Simply put, when you wake up early in the morning, the mind of your “village” hasn’t stirred yet. So, there is little friction or activity in the psychic space of the world around you.

The inner and outer worlds are calm. As such, your mind and body respond to this serene atmosphere. And for that reason, it’s a wonderful time to hit the cushion and commune with the silence. In fact, that's how daily meditation works best.

Your Mind is at Rest.

The mind is like any other machine. The more stimulated it is, the more it speeds up and churns out thoughts. In the early morning, your mind has been in retreat from the world of activity, motion, and stimulus.

Relatively speaking, your mind is still at rest when you wake up. That makes it a very conducive time to practice meditation. Once you are in the active flow of your day, your mind is busy making billions of connections so you can function at a high level. Not so in the morning.

Start the Day with a Clean Slate

We get a fresh start with every dawn of day. As much as it might feel like it, no two days are the same. For example, you wake up renewed and refreshed, having taken a break from the momentum of your life.

That’s another great reason to perform morning daily meditation. You have a clean state and can let go of yesterday’s problems. We have a chance to embrace the world with a fresh outlook.

That’s what daily meditation is all about—letting go of the past and the future and meeting every moment like a new day.

Create a Positive Momentum.

Daily meditation puts you in touch with the still, calm center of your being. It’s there where you start to find a deeper connection to life. Within each of us, there is a place that is always fresh and untouched by the world. Immersing yourself in that calm center restores your faith and confidence in the goodness and positivity of life.

Like a plant unfurling in the fortifying light of the sun, we receive this soul-level nourishment in the depths of silence.

Move From the Center

Daily meditation helps you root yourself in the present moment. It erases the distance between you, yourself, and life.

When you practice this present moment awareness in the morning at Florida drug rehab, it creates a powerful momentum for your day. With practice, you will learn how to stay rooted in that center all day long. Also, you will respond to life and the complexity of the day from your best self.

Cultivate Focus that Lasts all Day

Starting the day with meditation gives yourself an advantage. Meditation is the best way to train and exercise your awareness. Think of it as physical fitness for your awareness. Through the act of focusing on one thing—say your breath—and then bringing your attention back to that object of focus again and again, you’re building your capacity for focus. Doing this first thing in the morning will improve your focus all day long. It will keep you from getting distracted, help you stay on course, and you’ll be more productive, less divided, and happier as a result.

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