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Relapse Prevention

​Relapse Prevention in Florida Drug Rehab

Safe Haven Recovery provides all clients with personalized relapse prevention therapy. Conversely, there is no cure for chronic illnesses so occasional recurrences of symptoms are normal. However, the idea is to minimize both the frequency and severity of relapse. Furthermore, the goal is prevention of them entirely by early detection and preventive strategies. In fact, this is one of the main strategies of the Florida drug rehab model.

The initial part of relapse prevention is identification of specific factors that may trigger an individual’s old behavior. As such, our Florida addiction treatment therapists provide the tools and techniques to recognize and cope with those triggers. In many instances, triggers may vary from exceptionally mild to severe.

Florida Relapse Prevention from addiciton

Components of Relapse Prevention

  • Relapse Prevention Therapy teaches coping skills to deal with immediate problems. Typically, these are the remaining urges and cravings for their drug of choice. 
  • Provides a roadmap of various danger spots that can throw clients off course. Additionally, this give clients information on how to avoid temptation in the future.
  • Guides clients through the tricks their minds sometimes play on them, such as making poor decisions. Also, it helps clients make important changes in their day-to-day lifestyle. Thus, it assures them that sensitivity to the subtleties of life’s pleasures will return once their brain’s pleasure center is normal again.
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy also teaches clients new methods of coping with stress. For example, unrealistic expectations of perfection often set people up for disappointment. Moreover, our addiction relapse prevention encourages clients to take a more realistic approach and learn to anticipate problems. 

Safe Haven Clinicians utilize the following evidence-based therapies to support relapse prevention: