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Sober Living

Florida Sober Living in Miami

Sober living is a critical component to addiction recovery. In particular, Safe Haven Recovery offers an intensive outpatient step-down program supported by our Miami recovery homes. In addition, clients residing in sober living are supervised by our certified behavioral health techs.

Clients are responsible for paying nominal rent, maintaining the home, finding employment, and participating in our intensive outpatient program. Specifically, the program operates 3 x per week for a total of 9 hours. Generally, most clients stay for far greater periods. In addition to group therapy clients are also seen individually by their therapist weekly. Furthermore, weekly drug screens help us track client progress and maintain the integrity of our Miami sober homes.

Recovery house clients are required to attend 12-step meetings in the area. Moreover, we strongly suggest participating in this program as a crucial bridge to your future health and happiness. Most importantly, our transitional living provides a safe, comfortable environment with support, guidance and structure.

Our Florida drug rehab goal is to provide a safe and caring sober living environment for men and women in early recovery. Here, they can work on their themselves. Also, clients can engage in healthy lifestyles and work opportunities.

Florida Sober Living

Florida Recovery House Amenities include:

  • Vans that transport to AA/NA meetings and doctors appointments
  • Walking & biking distance to bus routes
  • Safe Location in Miami, Florida
  • Flexible therapy schedule
  • Supervised property
  • Wireless Internet
  • Personal computers and cell phones allowed
  • Fully furnished
  • Cable TV
  • Washer/dryers on site
  • Recovery house rules & guidelines 

The Social Support of Florida Sober Living

The drug and alcohol-free environment is an obvious benefit of sober living. As a result, our rules in these houses are strict, which means that residents can count on not being near drugs or alcohol. However, a less obvious benefit is that of social support. For example, research tells us that social factors are important for successful addiction recovery. Recovering addicts that have a strong social support system tend to be successful over the long term.

In our Miami recovery house you have a built-in social network. Your roommates are also in recovery and you have the opportunity to support and help each other. Many houses include support group meetings. However, even without them, you are surrounded by people who have the same goals as you do. Those who are further along in recovery often support new residents. 

Miami Recovery Homes Provide A Transition Into The Real World

Going directly from Florida drug rehab to living back at home, going to work and socializing with family and old friends can be a rocky transition. It also can be abrupt and unforgiving. One day you are fully supported in a safe environment, and the next you are expected to go back to normal life, except without abusing substances. Consequently, this is where many addicts end up relapsing.

A great benefit of Florida sober living is that you get a smoother transition back into the real world. In addition, the sober living house is less structured than inpatient treatment, but it still provides some safeguards that you wouldn’t have at home. Moreover, Florida sober living residents can slowly learn how to re-enter society. 

Sober living is a great place to spend your early recovery. The bumpy road from rehab to home again can be made much smoother by the safety and security you can find in these homes. If you are recovering from an addiction, the sober house is your gateway to long-term sobriety.

Sober Living - Florida addiction treatment

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