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Rehab housing is an essential component to Florida Addiction Treatment. In particular, it keeps clients in a safe, sober environment, but part of the larger community. Generally, achieving a sober lifestyle is a difficult process. We specifically say 'process' because it is best done in a series of steps, and it takes practice. The best way to avoid relapse is to gently acclimate each client back into the real world in tandem with therapy and sober living. Also, South Florida hosts a wonderful addiction recovery environment. Specifically, Dade and Broward Counties offer over 150 twelve-steps meeting daily.

Addiction recovery housing is a vital piece in the Florida drug rehab model. Adults will share their rehab housing with others in recovery under professional care. Also, Safe Haven offers couples the opportunity to live together in this unique environment. As such, rehab housing gives each client the opportunity to strengthen their recovery and practice life skills in a supervised atmosphere. For example, our clients learn to shop for groceries, cook healthy meals for themselves and be productive. 

We Know from Experience

We also know how you feel and have been there ourselves. While clients may feel better leaving treatment and be anxious to resume their lives, it is critical to slow things down. Subsequently, recovery housing support will champion your victories and bear difficult days alongside you. As a result, our success is in your Florida drug rehab experience and the life you put back together for yourself.

Safe Haven rehab housing provides the opportunity to change the things that need changing in real life. Most importantly, we will continue to help you avoid old behaviors and replace them with new ones. At the same time, we want to launch you into a life free from addiction!

The Benefits of Florida Rehab Housing include:

  • Independance
  • Step-up Responsibilities
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Time Management Skills
  • Team Work
  • Build Self-esteem
  • Flexible Housing Arrangement

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