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What Clients Say About Us

Florida Rehab

"This place exceeded all my expectations. They really catered to all my needs and made be feel important. Would recommend to anyone seeking quality recovery!!"

Josh E.

"Beautiful luxury rehabilitation with great generous employees who truly understand the disease of addiction and truly care for clients."

Nick P.

"Great place for drug alcohol recovery. My detox went well, but what I most liked where the place I stayed, the food, activities. I have been taught a new way of life. Through peace and one day at a time is how I take my recovery."

Jam J.

"They are couple friendly so if you're like me & you don't want to go anywhere without your significant other, give them a call and get clean today. Promise you'll love it here. Thank you for everything you've done for me Safe Haven!

Macee M.

"Safe haven has given me another chance at life."

Mikey W.

"My second family right here. Great place to get yourself back!"

Sean D.

"THANK YOU Safe Haven ( Trea). I love you for what you have personally done for me. Saving my life and a special thank you to Brian and Max both for coming into my life and showing me i am worthy and i can live my life to the fullest without depending on drugs!"

Kristi F.

What clients Say About Us - Safe Haven Recovery

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