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What To Bring

What to Bring to Florida Drug Rehab

What to bring to Florida drug rehab is a question many clients have before arriving to our facility. Coming to Florida addiction treatment isn't a typical leisure trip. Upon a client’s arrival at Safe Haven Recovery, all property will be searched and inventoried. This is done in order to keep the client and community safe. Items that are inappropriate will be discarded or sent home. Clients may keep all other personal belongings within space limits. Typically, we ask that each client bring a week’s worth of casual clothing for warm weather. South Florida weather allows for abundant sunshine and warm temperatures year-round. Additionally, our rehab housing has ample laundry facilities for each client's use.

What to bring to Florida Drug Rehab

Pack Your Commitment

What to bring to Florida drug rehab are simple details. On the other hand, the most important item in your suitcase is the internal one. Namely, your commitment to getting clean and sober. This decision is not an easy one and we are proud of you for making the choice to end your addiction. At the same time, a lot of energy went into making the decision to overcome addiction. Make sure you also bring that energy with you as you embark on change!

One of the biggest reasons clients come from all over the country is to be removed the current addiction situation. In other words, people, places and things tied to your addiction. Of course, you'll experience a relaxing atmosphere and a healthy new lifestyle. Next, get ready to open your mind and remain teachable. Also, there’s no need to worry about school, job or home life. Rather, that has all been put aside for you to concentrate on getting clean, sober and healthy. The focus is on creating a healthy, sober, new you!

Approved Items to Bring to Florida Drug Rehab

  • Toiletries (alcohol-free)
  • All prescription medications in original prescription bottles (non-controlled)
  • Personal music listening device that is not internet compatible
  • Gym/book bag
  • Driver’s license (or passport if non-resident of United States)
  • Insurance card
  • Warm weather clothing and recreation wear
  • Fitness wear (t-shirts, shorts or track pants)
  • Bathing Suit
  • Beach towel

Non-Approved Items to Bring to Florida Drug Rehab

  • Suggestive Clothing
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Cameras or video equipment
  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Valuable jewelry or expensive clothing
  • Pornography
  • Food or beverage
Packing List for Florida Addiction Treatment

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